Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas Indeed!

Per Jill Schlesinger, Editor-at-Large,,

"I think if you are in the market to find a house and you can qualify for a 30 year mortgage at 4%, Go Get 'Em!

It is a great time to buy a house!

If you are selling, I wouldn't wait for a great improvement. I would bang that house out and move on."

Friday, December 16, 2011

"I Got More Offers than the Agent"

I was talking with a prospective customer the other day about a home he is currently trying to prepare for the market. He was very frustrated with his last Realtor experience and commented that he had gotten more showings and offers when he had it for sale by owner then he did when he had it listed. He then went on to say that it still hadn't sold. I asked, if he had so many offers, why he still had it. His response was that none of the folks offering could get financing.

So, my question to you is... Are you better off listing with an agent and having limited showings OR would you rather handle the marketing yourself, open it for constant showings, and negotiate offers that have no merit because the folks can't afford the house in the first place? Hmmm..... sounds like an easy decision to me!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Spending $$ is Sometimes the Best Way to Save $$

Yet another great post from KCMBlog on why you need to hire a professional. You may think it's costing you money, but there are so many instances I personally know of where it has SAVED people money!
Click here for more.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I have been (trying to) finish up some packaging of some Christmas surprises for my first time buyers (and some sellers!) this year as I have been here at Warren's Gate today... WOW. Lisa and I have been really blessed this year. When we first partnered up in January, we set a goal for ourselves as a team. Even in this down market, we have surpassed that goal. I am not saying that to brag but because I am so truly thankful to my past and present clients, customers, service providers, and fellow agents... without you, and the challenges (some good, some bad!) you bring to the table every day, I would not have a career that I literally LOVE. I am blessed. I get to interact and meet new people every day, I am never in the same old routine day after day, I help people achieve their dreams, I work with other people who truly love what they do (believe me, if they don't... well, they don't last long!), and the possibilities are endless for where our business can go. If my children are sick, I can be with them. If my husband has a ballgame, I can be there. (That isn't to say I'm not carrying on 4 conversations with clients via text and email the whole game, but you get my point!). I have "easy" transactions and I have hard ones, but I learn something new every single day. I'm just blessed. Did I say that already? :-)

Lisa, you are the best. Thank you for enriching my business and my life with your smile, your work ethic, and your laughter (even if it is AT me instead of WITH me). You motivate me not just to work hard but to do it the right way and for the right reasons. My only regret is that we didn't find each other sooner.

So, how can YOU be blessed this year? Did you know rates are a full point lower than they were a year ago? This means you could potentially buy MORE home for the same amount of money you were thinking you would have to pay before you got cold feet due to the media critics. Sellers, did you know your home CAN sell, and even better, at a good price? It IS possible, if you take things in perspective and have your home in top notch shape. Remember, sometimes the blessings are not the dollars at the end of the stay but the enjoyment you got out of it at the end of the day.

Again, I am blessed. Just wanted to share...

Saturday, November 26, 2011 Featured in Video

Neil Brown of Brown Advertising put together a video of client testimonials highlighting his talents as a graphic and web designer. Lisa and I were honored to be included in the video (and it's proof positive we need to stick to selling homes as opposed to our movie careers!). Honestly, though, if you are looking for an edge for 2012 in your marketing, contact Neil. HE WILL NOT TRY TO SELL YOU, but his products will do it anyway. Just no other Realtors, please... :-). Simply click "video" above --

Seriously, to get an idea of what he can do, look at I literally said "Here are some photos, some general info... run with it and see what you can do." It really is dynamic and represents Warren's Gate beautifully. Way to go, Neil!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Photo Op!

Lisa and I were fortunate to be featured in The Winston Salem Journal's recent HomePlace. We spoke about our utilization of social media, and how we have incorporated it into our "toolkit" for both buyers and sellers. Click here to see the article.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Crunch Time

I had 2 different people ask me today about the local market, and that is such a loaded question! Lisa and I are extremely busy, and for that we are so grateful, BUT we are also having to have some very difficult discussions with our clients. Sellers are no longer joyous when they hear they have an offer -- instead they cringe and ask "how bad is it?" Buyers are no longer optimistic about the value they are getting -- instead they are asking "what if the value ends up going down even more?" We don't have crystal balls, but it is more important than EVER to hire a trusted real estate professional. We can walk you through the process, whether buying or selling, and eliminate some of the guesswork. Contact us today -- don't wait for spring. Rates will be higher, and more homes will be on the market with which sellers have to compete. It's definitely crunch time!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Triad Real Estate (and other musings...): Mortgage Breakdown

Mortgage Breakdown

I came across this inforgraphic in my monthly Lowes Realtor benefits newsletter. It breaks down a mortgage payment into its possible 4 parts, and if you are like me, a picture is a great way to finally understand a concept. Click here to see it!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Triad Real Estate (and other musings...): Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy

The Triad area lost one of its finest last week. Buck Horn of Buck Horn Construction passed away from complications from leukemia at the young age of 54. I had worked with him several times throughout my real estate career, both across the table in transactions as well as on the same side of the closing table. He was a professional colleague, but I also considered him a personal friend.

Buck was truly larger than life... when he walked into a room, he commanded attention not by demand but by natural charisma. Always smiling, always putting an interesting "spin" on things, always putting thinsg into perspective, and ALWAYS building others up and helping others out... that was just Buck. If you didn't get a chance to read his obituary, seek it out -- every single word is true.

Buck is most well known in our area for his home construction business, but he was so much more. He was an entrepeneur, a wonderful husband, a devoted father, a lover of God, and a friend to many. He was behind the scenes supporting so many causes and individuals and families... just standing in line after the memorial service, I learned of so many ways he had helped others while never asking for recognition of any kind.

Buck, you are missed.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Up and Out!

I often get chided by my buyer clients because I am always looking "up" and "out" -- up at the ceiling and out at the yard. Maybe it's because I grew up in a floodplain and literally remember standing with my brother as he fished off the carport into our backyard (true story!), or maybe it's because my otherwise incredibly maintained rental apartment in law school (that's a whole other story...) had a minor but consistent leak around an exhaust pipe which resulted in major roof expenses, but I am ALWAYS looking up and out when viewing a home. Does the yard slope towards the home? Are there any slushy patches that hint at poor drainage? Are there any cracks that are more than the typical settling crack in a ceiling or over a door? Are there any water spots on the ceiling, old or fresh? Of course, when any of these are seen, my advice is to always consult the seller's agent but then, most importantly, consult a certified home inspector. Steve Martin with Pillar to Post sent out a blog about this very thing today, and here is an excerpt:
From "popcorn" to plaster to drywall, there are many different ceiling materials in today's homes. Look for signs of damage no matter what the material. Ceiling stains can indicate water damage from leaking pipes, a bathroom fixture overflow, or a leaking roof. Before any attempt is made to repair water damage, it must be determined if the cause of the leak will continue to affect the ceiling, or if it the damage is related to a single event in the past. If water is dripping from the ceiling, the source of the water will need to be found and stopped, and the ceiling will need to be thoroughly dried before attempting any repair work. If the damage is severe, a professional contractor specializing in structural drying should be consulted.... Minor ceiling cracks are not uncommon and may simply be the result of the home settling. Even older homes can continue to settle for decades. If the cracks are minor, they can be repaired with relative ease. The technique used will depend on the ceiling material. Old plaster ceilings will often sag and crack over time, and can be patched with drywall instead of new plaster. Popcorn ceiling cracks can be covered with aerosol sprays made specifically for this use. Major cracking can be due to seismic activity or structural issues and should be assessed by a professional before repair or replacement.

To learn more about Steve and his home inspection services, visit

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adventures in HomeBuying -- THE END!

Genevieve and Amy wrap it up with the final installment of the Allen Tate Company's "Adventures in Home Buying" series on YouTube. If you don't have time to watch the video, here are some pointers to remember:

 Talk with a Realtor®.
 Keep an open mind.
 Check your credit score.
 Do the white glove test.
 Location affects price.
 Check out the area.
 Get pre-qualified.
 Better safe than sorry.
 Insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all.
 Offer is more than price.
More information can be found on these on the Allen Tate blog

I'd definitely encourage you to view the videos... viewing something makes me much more likely to remember it, and I fgure many of you are the same. Just go here to see them, and if you decide to embark on step #1, call us today!

Monday, October 31, 2011

What Can $10 Get You These Days?

Have you heard of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore? It is a wonderful concept where great deals abound... and it's all for a good cause! Right now 8 local design teams are competing for the Community Choice Award. Click here to vote for your favorite designer (of course, the one paired with Allen Tate Realtors is my personal fave :-)!). All votes are tax deductible ($10 each), and it's a great way to support not just Allen Tate but a wonderful community organization AND a grassroots business. My grandpa passed away a few weeks ago, and one of his favorite charities before Alzheimers took him was Habitat for Humanity, so this one is near and dear to me as well...

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Clock it is A-ticking!

Almost the end of October... hmmm, with loan processes taking longer now, that means there isn't a lot of time left to get in your new home by Christmas! Gone are the days of 30 days from contract to close -- even folks with substantial money down just aren't getting pushed through that quickly. So, if you have a pre-Christmas goal, better buckle down! Call your WinstonSalemTeam today!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

They Feel Your Pain!

I know from experience that real estate transactions are stressful -- I often tell people "you aren't buying a sweater... you can't take it back." BUT, believe it or not, kinks in your plans will often remedy themselves if you just take a step back, sleep on it (or toss and turn relentlessly on it), and look at the big picture. Still, it's nice to know others may have experienced or are currently experiencing the same trials as you, right?

Well guess what? Allen Tate has a wonderful new video series about buying a home. It follows the journey of 2 first time homebuyers and shows the good, the bad, and the ugly as they look, investigate, and learn. I must confess that I just recently took the time to watch the videos, but I would absolutely recommend you do it now. I can't wait to see what the final decision will be! Click here to watch "Adventures in HomeBuying."

Friday, October 14, 2011

Patience is NOT Always a Virtue

"If you are thinking of selling, it would be wise to put your house on the market before prices fall again."

Read why here!

Info taken from

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Picking the Right Agent

Steve Harney once again gives great advice to both buyers AND sellers on his KCMBlog. Read about why you need not just any agent but THE agent here.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Mixed Media Signals

"According to the latest S&P/Case-Shiller home price index of 120 major cities, prices rose 0.9% in July compared with June, but they're still 4.1% lower than 12 months ago."

This statement was made by and it will cause problems. Folks will see the first half and stop, feeling they can price their homes higher based on the 0.9% rise.

A rise is good, of course, but we must still look at the big picture. Prices are still DOWN from 12 months ago. Pricing aggressively is still an absolute must!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Best Buy in Clemmons West!

We have a new listing in Clemmons West, and it is priced RIGHT! Lovingly maintained by the long time owners, it overlooks Tanglewood par 3 and sits on a half acre corner lot AND in a cul-de-sac to boot! This all brick home features 4 bedrooms, 2.1 baths, a lower level playroom, and abundant fruit trees in the backyard. Click here for a photo tour... this home is an excellent opportunity for someone to get into Clemmons West at an affordable price!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mrs. Valentine

Why I love my job!

Friends made through different aspects of my career are some of my dearest ones! Renee, pictured above, was a former co-worker of mine... I was privileged to sell her (then) boyfriend a home... and today they became man and wife. Congratulations!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Why are the Fees so "High"?

Lisa and I are representing an experienced 3rd generation custom builder in our Warren's Gate community in Clemmons, NC. It is for active adults who do not want to worry with exterior maintenance of their lawn OR dwelling. One question we get often concerns the monthly HOA fee... on the surface, it seems high compared to other "simialr" communities (I say that tongue in cheek because few "no maintenance" communities are truly "no maintenance", but that is another blog post!). Anyway, we explain that dwelling insurance is included. All the occupant needs is an H06 policy, which covers contents and interior "stuff"... here is an email I sent recently to a potential customer that puts it in more understandable terms:

If you want to mention this to your insurance agent, what is needed is called an H06 policy. It is contents plus interior shell (that’s “Amanda speak”…). The exterior is completely covered by the master policy of the HOA. The reason this is CRUCIAL these days is because of how appearance affects perceived values. If your neighbor goes into foreclosure, abandons the property, or just plain and simple fails to maintain it, the HOA is still maintaining the exterior. So, if a tree limb falls on the roof during the time it is unoccupied, it will be fixed rather than sit there and cause more and more damage. Similarly, if your neighbor is under insured and something like that happens, you don’t have to worry – all homeowners in the neighborhood have the same level of insurance, so one underinsured or absentee homeowner’s lack of maintenance does not bring the whole neighborhood down.

Depending on the level of coverage, you CAN have some costs savings with the HO6, but that is relative to your level of comfort. So, that MAY be a benefit, but the definite and main benefit is in future protection. With all the foreclosures, short sales, etc, happening now in ALL price points, this is tremendous for peace of mind.

One of the things I said about K****** leads just to this issue. K****** has some gorgeous properties, but there is NOT a blanket HOA policy there. In the last few years, there have been quite a few short sales and foreclosures out there. I personally had a home on the market 2-3 years ago that was gorgeous inside and out, but the lack of maintenance of the properties on both sides just killed it when it was shown. That is a worst case scenario, but in this day and age very relevant.

The HO6 covers contents as well as the following example… should you go on vacation and have a water leak, your HO6 covers the internal damage.

Let me know if you have questions. I tried to relay this is “non Realtor speak” like you said yesterday ;-), but your insurance agent will absolutely be the best person to explain it in more detail. I can also give you contact info for the policy holder of the policy out here at WG if you or your rep would like to speak to them.

*** Another important point to realize about the dues is that they have a repair and maintenance escrow built in, so that your chance of all of a sudden getting a $3000 assessment for gutters and downspouts in the mail one day that is due and payable within 60 days is MUCH less. In the case of WG, money for things like that is being set aside little by little every month.

Finally, to put it all in perspective, how much do you spend in a year just on your yard?? I know I personally spent over $200 in weed killer ALONE in July (that is still sitting unused on my front porch, by the way). So, to get all lawn maintenance (that will actually be done!), exterior maintenance, sprinklers in the front and back (and the water for them), repair escrows, maintenance reserves, dwelling insurance, sidewalks and street lights, entrance upkeep, and HOA management for $217.50 a month really isn't a burden...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Warren's Gate Pricing!

WOW -- Warren's gate has undergone a facelift... there are now plans available starting in the 190s! Contact us today for info and come on home to Clemmons!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Appraisal Guidelines -- What Does This Mean for You?

New appraisal guidelines came out September 1 that, in my professional opinion, are a good thing in the long run BUT will most likely result in even tighter appraisals than we in the industry have been seeing in the short term. This is an out of pocket expense for you, but it can shorten marketing time which means fewer house payments for YOU to make on your existing home. If you would like the contact number for an appraiser familiar with YOUR LOCAL market (and this makes a difference!), let me know.

As a word of caution, an appraisal is good for the day in which it was done. If a home down the street goes into foreclosure next week, the numbers will change. However, it will give you an excellent starting point and serves as powerful ammunition for your agent when negotiating an offer/contract on your home. A Realtor's market analysis is as accurate as possible, but nothing is better than a certified appraisal as appraisers often have access to information we as agents don’t AND only an appraiser can truly interpret the new guidelines, which will be instrumental in determining the value of your home in today’s market.

Call, text, email, or tweet me today to discuss!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why Now is the Time to Sell

Steve Harney & The KCMBlog have another great post today regarding why you should sell now. Click here to see the full post, but the reasons given are:

1. Your home will get more exposure now than in the winter
2. Distressed properties wil continue to have an effect on pricing
3. Mortgages will continue to get more difficult
4. It is the perfect time to move up

#5 in particular spoke to me... my husband and I have plans for his childhood home, but we can't do any of those until we sell our current home. So, even if we get a little less than we may in the "spring" or a few years down the road, it is still the right time for us to sell. Being able to "move on" is priceless!

Friday, September 2, 2011

WHOO HOO Way to go Winston-Salem Taters!

Our broker just released our August numbers here in our Winston-Salem, NC office. I am proud to be associated with such a productive bunch of people! We are not a mega-office either, so these numbers (especially the closed one considering the doom and gloom in today's market) are especially impressive. Lisa and I had several ourselves... :-)

Listings --- 74
Sales ------ 80
Closed ----71

So, as I have asked before... do you want your property listed or do you want it sold??


This is the designer of! Way to go Neil!
Brown Advertising spotlighted in HOW Magazine article

Once again, Lisa and I know quality when we see it :-)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Way to go!

We are proud to be a sponsor of, recently nominated by Parents Magazine as one of 15 top blogs. Keep it up! We know quality when we see it! :-)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Winston-Salem, NC!

Great post today on Allen Tate's blog, At Home in the Carolinas, about Winston-Salem and all she has to offer. As a native of the area, I take some of these things for granted! Click here for the article.

Friday, August 19, 2011

And we're off!!

Lot 16 just reserved for custom construction at Warren's Gate!
Visit for more info about Clemmons' finest maintenance free community for active adults!

So What Does That Unfair and Exorbitant Fee Get You?

I have had several inquiries lately regarding me cutting my commission -- first, let me state that I DO NOT do that. Second, even if I wanted to, my company wouldn't let me, so... this is sort of moot, but here's why:

We are a full service brokerage. Another company or agent may list your home for a percent less, but put the exposure you get with them next to the exposure you get with us, and ours is 2, 3, even 4 or 5 times more extensive. So, that "extra" percent you are paying us is getting you much more than 1 percent more exposure. In a market like we have now, everyone needs and wants to cut expenses; but with the overabundance of unsold inventory we have, the LAST thing you need to do is go with someone who isn't giving you maximum exposure!

I am a full service, full time Realtor. Between Lisa and I, we truly strive to be available for you anytime. Of course there will be exceptions to this, but we don't work a 9-5 M-F day like a lot of other professions. Additionally, we have personally undertaken a very aggressive marketing plan, so even within our own company, we can state without a doubt that we offer more services than most other agents. I tell people that the second the sign goes in the yard, I start spending money, and I mean it. Often in marketing a home I actually go in the hole, but if I think on that long enough, I'll get depressed, so let's move on...

You are paying not just for our marketing capabilities but also for our experience and professional insurance. A woman I know (and who is one of my really good friends who gave me permission to use her story!) bought a home on her own. There were some undisclosed issues that ended up really affecting her property value. When she went after the seller, his pockets were empty. Had she had an agent and the issues been undisclosed, she could have sought recourse from the agent's company. Of course, with an experienced agent who knew the red flags, she probably would have avoided the pitfall all together! Then, not learning from experience, she later attempted selling a home on her own. She had complete strangers knock on her door at 10pm asking to see her home. Not only did she run security risks like that, but NAR statistics show that selling your home with a Realtor brings you more than selling it on your own. What most folks don't realize is that when folks look at a FSBO, they are expecting to pay less... so you are not only getting less money, but getting less experience! I often give my tax preparer example. When I was teaching school, my husband and I were audited. (Don't ask why a 2 teacher household was audited, but I digress. Surely there are bigger fish to go after??). Anyway, I had paid a professional to prepare our taxes. Could I have done it myself? Probably... but then I couldn't have gone back to them for help or recourse when I was audited. The fee I paid was well worth the peace of mind.

Finally, I'll let you in on a little secret... we really don't put as much in our pockets as you think! Let's do a hypothetical example to demonstrate this:
123 Main St sells for $200,000. Commission is 6%, so $12,000 total. A Tate agent (moi) is representing the seller, and an agent with XYZ Realty is representing the buyer. So, that $12,000 immediately becomes $6,000 to Tate and $6,000 to XYZ. Of the $6,000 to Tate, let's say my split is 50% (again, hypothetical)... so my part is down to $3,000. But wait, I have to pay taxes on that, so I set aside $900, or 30%, to be safe. So now I'm down to $2,100. But wait again! I spent $700 marketing it in various print and online media (never mind the hours spent actually doing the work), so I am now down to $1,400. And, unfortunately, it took 4 months to sell, so I am down to $350 a month. And, oh yeah, the seller wouldn't agree to sell at the negotiated price, so I finally agreed to pay the home warranty out of my pocket just to get us to closing. Welp, there goes one month's check. So, I end up with $1,050 for 4 month's work. Oh... but wait! I had to drive out to the house often to fill brochure boxes and flier trays, make sure my sign was still up, sweep off the front stoop, and clean the toilets for showings, so I spent some of that on gas, cleaning supplies, and new pants (because I splashed my good ones with bleach...), etc. Do you get my drift???

Don't get me wrong -- I LOVE MY JOB! I thank God every day for putting me in a career that I enjoy so much and in which I get to interact with so many different and wonderful people. But, I have to be honest, the perception that I am the greedy one because I won't cut my commission is reeeeeeeeeeeally getting to me.

Oh, did I mention I left home this morning at 7:30am, I'll zoom home at 6 to see my children before they go to bed, I'll leave again to go out to show one more home to folks who don't get off work til 6, and then I'll return home to relax complete paperwork and plan ads til I doze off? Yeah, we are definitely overpaid...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Prices!

Existing homes drastically reduced to make room for new plans at Warren's Gate in Clemmons, NC!

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Boonville Beauty -- and 100% Financing!

A lot of people think 100% financing doesn't exist anymore, but it is still alive and kicking in Yadkin County! The whole county is USDA loan eligible. There are certain income requirements, and homes have to be up to a certain standard, but it is still possible to buy a home with ZERO money down.

One of my Yadkin homes, 141 Marview in Boonville, has just been reduced to $104900. It is quite a prize... take a tour here! With rates as low as they are AND the chance for 100% financing, it's a great time to be a buyer in Yadkin County!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


4.25% with half-point origination on conventional 30 year fixed!!

FHA/VA/USDA – 4% NO origination, 30 year fixed!

15 year fixed, 3.5% with a half point origination!!

5/1 ARM: 2.875% with 1% origination.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Say it Ain't So, FSBO...

I returned from vacation last week and then lost my grandfather a few days later, so it has been a while since I have been on here! One of my goals as I returned to the office today was to update my blog, and I had an excellent article just fall into my lap concerning the founder of Click here to read the blog post on Steve Harney's website. Very interesting perspective if you are considering going it alone!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Just for Fun...

I'm back from vacay and WHAT A DAY! So, in lieu iof a "real" post, I thought I'd post our new partner pics just for fun ;-0

Click here to see them!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Do Our Priorities Match?

I had an interesting conversation with a potential seller this morning. He was asking about certain marketing tools and I was explaining what I use and what I don't, the parameters of my "work week", etc. I explained to him that while I am still full-time, I had taken on a partner in January to fill the gaps in my schedule that were created by my mandatory family time. I am no longer a 24/7 agent, in other words! There are simply some times that I am no longer accessible (besides an occasional call or email for an emergency), because I want those certain times to be for my children. As I explained this to him, he stopped me and said, "You don't have to explain it to me... how can I expect you to take care of my family if you don't take care of yours first?" He gets it -- if things are ok at home, I am a much more productive agent. If only everyone else did!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Same Team...

OK, I'm venting...

I am involved in some pretty intricate transactions right now, and the stress of the time is getting to folks to say the least. Situations are getting adversarial that simply shouldn't be, and situations that you would expect to cause a little adversity are causing all out warfare.

PEOPLE! We are all on the same side! If the house doesn't close, the lender doesn't get paid, the seller can't move on, the buyer is stuck, the other agent and I have worked for months for nothing... do you get my drift? We ALL want to get to the closing table. I want to zealously represent my client, but the big picture is to reach a happy conclusion for all inviolved. Let's not forget that. Now, off to shushy bye and good night...

These are a few of my favorite things...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Endless Possibilities! Spotlight on Winston-Salem

Lisa and I have listed some fantastic homes in the last few weeks in Forsyth County, all in different price points and meeting different needs.

1005 Somerset is a WONDERFUL starter home in a location convenient to everything -- shopping, Forsyth Hospital, WFU-BMC, I-40, 421, etc. The owners have lovingly maintained it and as an added bonus pulled up some carpeting to expose gorgeous hardwoods and updated most of the fixtures. 2 of the 3 bedrooms are HUGE, and it has a wonderful fenced yard and roomy kitchen with lots of cabinets. Click here for a photo tour.

1154 Folkstone Ridge is new construction that is move in ready. It has an open living room, breakfast, kitchen plan with granite countertops and all bedrooms upstairs. It is located off Peters Creek Parkway and is yet another example of a killer location as it is in a nice neighborhood but is moments away from all you need. It even has that "new home" smell... check it out here.

Finally, 135 Almont Forest is tucked away in one of Clemmons' prettiest hidden neighborhoods. Whitmore Place is a quiet, tranquil community with a small community pool that is peaceful and affordable. It feeds to the new Morgan Elementary and has a versatile floorplan with upper level bedrooms, an open main level with wonderful updated kitchen overlooking a private backyard, and a finished lower level that accomodates a variety of needs. Click here for a tour of this move in ready home.

Friday, July 1, 2011

What Do I Need to Ask???

There is a GREAT post on Allen Tate's At home blog today. I didn't realize that I haven't posted in over a week (YIKES!), so I guess I should be ashamed for just pointing you in the direction of another blog, but I really do think the info is relevant. I was especially impressed by the "other obligations" question. That has really become relevant for me, as yes, as a matter of a fact I DO have other obligations now... namely an adorable 2 year old and precious 1 year old! But, never fear! I realize this may be a hindrance to our partnership. Everyone is totally cool with the need for family time, but let's face it, when you want your agent, you want your agent NOW. So, yet another reason why I am soooo thankful I have partnered with Lisa. She can fill my gaps, and I can fill hers. Aaaahhhh.... it's a 2 for 1 deal!

The other part that really spoke to me dealt with what communication mode you prefer. I will text, email, tweet, call, etc... and not all agents can say that. If texting is important, make sure you work with an agent who regularly communicates that way. If phone calls are important, make sure your agent has her mobile phone with her constantly. If email is your preferred method, make DOUBLY sure they have mobile email capabilites and don't just check their messages once or twice a day. Time is of the essence, folks!

Read the full article here.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Why Shouldn't I Wait?

So many folks thinking of selling decide to wiat til summer to list their homes, so that they can get through the end of school, graduations, etc. Then, there are also those who are considering selling now but think "summer is just so hectic... let's wait til the end of summer to put our home on the market." While I certainly understand the reasoning behind this thinking, there are 2 main reasons why this is just not the best train of thoguht right now.

FIRST, home prices are going to continue to be compressed and even fall over the next few months. I currently have a home listed in a Clemmons neighborhood I frequent quite a bit for $199,900. In 2007-2008, it would have easily been $239,900. That is quite a cut, and due to the increase in foreclosures hitting the market and the owner occupant saturation we are experiencing, there are just too many homes on the market for the number of buyers. Anytime supply exceeds demand, prices fall.

SECOND, financing is getting tighter and tighter. Not only are we constantly under the threat of interest rates going up, but most federal loans are getting more expensive as well. An FHA loan now has a higher out of pocket cost for a buyer than 6 months ago, so even with a low rate, the amount of home someone will be able to afford for the same monthly payment is less.

The bottom line... don't wait until the end of summer to list. Do it now and capitalize on the folks who are looking to purchase and move in prior to a new school year.

Friday, June 17, 2011

WOWEE What a Price!

We have just reduced 7260 Shadowridge in Wellesley Place to $175,000... WOW!! This immaculate, all-you-need-on-one-level home is a fantastic Lewisville value, AND is has over 900 square feet of upper level expansion potential. Click here to see a photo tour!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Good Housekeeping Tips!

Ever wonder how people years ago kept their homes clean? I mean, they didn't have our science or technology, so they must have had problems with general cleaning, right? Wrong!

The Allen Tate blog ( has a great post today about common household items and how they can be used for cleaning. Check it out here!

Monday, June 6, 2011

You Mean I Have to Sell it TWICE??

So many people contemplating selling their homes these days are just blown away when their agent tells them they have to sell their house twice. What???

Not only do we have to find a ready buyer who is willing and able to pay a price agreed upon by both parties, BUT the home has to appraise. It doesn't matter if a buyer is willing to pay $315,000 for your home... if they're getting financing (and most are), and it doesn't appraise for $315,000, they will not get the loan. Appraisals take into account active competition but most importantly sold competition, and foreclosures throughout the marketplace have compressed prices to the point that appraisals are getting TIGHT. Appraisers, mortgage lenders, brokers, etc. are all feeling the repercussions of looser lending standards and appraisal guidelines of the past, so if an appraisal falls short, it falls short. Gone are the days of an appraiser pulling a few thousand out of the sky to reach contract price.

So then Mr. Potential Seller says "well if they really like my home they will make up the difference". Possible, but unlikely, especially in today's market. How many of today's buyers (especially buyers with diligent and thorough agents representing them) are going to be willing to pay more for a home than it is worth?? People are uncertain of their futures, and inventory is too high for this to happen.

So, selling to a buyer is one thing, but the REAL test is selling it to the apprasier. Consult your trusted Realtor before you name your price. You may feel as if you are losing $$$, but you will actully be SAVING money in the long run in the form of carrying costs, lost time, and the inability to purchase yourself, by pricing it realistically from the get-go!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lightning DOES Strike

Lisa and I were fortunate to list a home last week in Clemmons that has already gone into due diligence. Luck? Maybe... but this seller knew the market. She had been subscribing to my neighborhood newsletter for a couple of years, in which I kept residents informed of recent listings and sales in this particular Clemmons neighborhood. When it came time for her to sell, she and I sat down and reviewed the latest comps. Honestly, the numbers were very disappointing to her, so she had to think about it for a few days. She considered renting but decided the hassle and potential problems of being an absentee landlord just weren't worth it. She put her home on the market in show ready condition and at the recommended price. We had 9 showings in 8 days, one offer that was negotiated and then accepted, and a potential back up offer coming. No matter what the media would have you to believe, lightning DOES strike in Clemmons in the form of education, research, and being an informed consumer!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How Cool is That??

Allen Tate now has a dedicated channel on YouTube... how cool is that? This is just yet another way Tate is superior. As a consumer, this matters to you because it shows that Tate is on the pulse of what consumers want! Do you want to be represented by someone doing the same ole same ole... or someone who pays attention and knows how folks are searching for properties? The choice should be crystal clear! Visit TODAY!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Do Your Research!

I was googling Warren's Gate today to see what would come up, and I decided to go a step further and google "Clemmons real estate" and "Clemmons Realtors." I was VERY surprised by what I found. One of the first sites that came up was I am not knocking at all, as I have been using it for very effective marketing for a couple of years. But what surprised me was that under the supposed "Clemmons specialists", I didn't recognize half the names! I don't claim to personally know every agent that works that area, but I can say with confidence, as long as I have been working in Clemmons, that if I haven't at least heard your name, you haven't been around long. If you havent been actively engaged in selling real estate in a certain area for long, how can you be an expert? My point in writing this is just to warn consumers when choosing an agent. Just because an agent markets himself or herself as a neighborhood expert or city expert or expert for a certain niche, that doesn't make it so. Sit them down and ask them to show you a resume, explain their ties to that particular market, provide examples of homes they have marketed there, etc. The internet is wonderful, but it just isn't regulated. I could call myself an expert on blue Italian frogs, but that doesn't make it so.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Warren's Gate for Active Adults

Lisa and I have just taken over as the marketing team for Warren's Gate, Clemmons' only TRULY maintenance free community. It is located conveniently on Hwy 158 near Tanglewood Park, I-40, and the heart of Clemmons. There will be a total of 34 twinhomes priced from the low 200s. Numerous floor plans are available, and if you take the time to compare you will see that the most basic standards for D. Stone Builders exceeds the highest standards of most! The model is manned by a member of our agent team M, Th, & Fri from 1-6, Sat from 12-5, and Sun 1-5. You may also make an appointment to view them at any other time. Four are currently available (ranging from $219,000-319,000), but you may customize your plan and customize your price on any of the remaining 28 lots. Click here for a sneak peek!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Bigger Picture

I am closing a home today with a sweet young family with a sweet dream... they have 3 children and currently live in a 3 bedroom home, but their heart's desire is to get something bigger. They don't want it for prestige, or appearance, or stature... no, they want to foster children, and a bigger home will make that possible. It's nothing fancy, though it is beautiful. It's an older home with 5 bedrooms on the main strip in Boonville, and it has an extra lot with it. The first time we saw it the husband jokingly said "oh man thats a good place for a shop", but then his wife said "oh no, I see children running and playing." What a selfless dream! And the fact that homeownership plays such a huge part of it brings such peace. I am so thankful to have been placed in a careeer by God that really CAN change people's lives!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Stay Tuned...

Lisa and I have just begun marketing a new community in Clemmons for active adults. Warren's Gate is conveniently located to I-40, the business district of Clemmons, Hwy 158, Tanglewood Park, and Bermuda Run Country Club. I'll post more details later, but for now go to We are proud to partner with Dwight Stone and D. Stone Builders to market this wonderful community!

Friday, April 22, 2011


I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since my past post! I have meant to sit down and write numerous times but have just been soooooo busy... with all the negative news in the media in the housing market, it's hard to believe Lisa and I are this slammed. The news is always right, isn't it?? :-)

Buyers, rates are rising, so hop to it!
Sellers, buyers are looking and more foreclosures are coming, so hop to it!

Everyone have a wonderful and blessed Easter. I thank God for a career that I truly enjoy! And I promise to do better on my posting next week...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

No Homes Available?

From KCM Blog:

It is also a terrific time to sell. I heard an agent say just last week that there is NO INVENTORY available. He further explained that properly priced homes are selling almost immediately and the only homes on the market more than 30 days are ones that won’t sell because of unreasonable seller expectations (and agents who aren’t strong enough to deliver the truth to those sellers).


Friday, April 1, 2011

2 GREAT Open Houses Sunday!

3 BR home in Clemmons in wonderful Springfield Village open Sunday 2-4... click here for details!

3BR brick home on Polo Rd perfect for medical residents open Sunday 2-4... click here for details!

Friday, March 25, 2011


I'm watching the Tarheels play Marquette, but the babies are in bed so I'm multi-tasking!
Lisa and I have listed a great home for medical residents on Polo Road. It's all brick, with a deep backyard, 3BR & 2BA, a remodeled kitchen, large living room, den with newly refinished hardwoods... and best of all, it is 6 minutes by bike to WFU!
Click here for more info!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why I Work for Tate...

I am often asked by prospective sellers why they should go with a Tate agent over an agent from another company (never mind the qualifications I personally bring to the table!). I always turn it around and say "Let me tell you why I as an agent chose Tate over company X..." It always comes down to our technology, progressive marketing, etc., and today I learned of a new tool we have that just thrills me. Have any of you ever tried to access from your SmartPhone? It's a little busy to say the least! To make the consumer experience simpler and more enjoyable, we have just unrolled our new mobile app... Check it out on your iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, etc... it's fabulous! You can even email ME directly from the app!!! This is a HUGE bonus for buyers and sellers in our market today with technology savvy consumers. Please call, email, facebook, tweet, or text me to learn more. Allen Tate truly has the competitive advantage. Our marketing and IT departments are dedicated to providing us as agents, and you as consumers, with the best tools in the business!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What Buyers Want

I just read an interesting article in REALTOR magazine about what buyers want in a home. It hammered home the point that so many sellers today still have a hrd time swallowing... buyers want to feel like they are getting a DEAL. Even if a home is priced below market, they are going to want to negotiate on pricing. They want incentives -- closing cost assistance, HOA dues paid for a year, a home warranty -- everything AND the kitchen sink! They want a home in move in condition. Gone are the days of offering allowances so that buyers could do work themselves, because folks today just don't have time. So, Mr. or Mrs. Seller, what can we do to get more folks looking at your home?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It Works Both Ways

Please understand... I love people. I love this business. I love doing something different every day. I love getting to know people. I love exceeding people's expectations.

What I don't love is unrealistic expectations. A lot of agents are out there. Some are experienced, some are not. With experience comes wisdom, confidence, and practical advice. Most folks out there do not want to be an agent's first client... they don't want to be the one who has to learn hard lessons along with the agent. They want their agent to have already learned those lessons and for their relationship to benefit from those experiences.

But here's the problem... an experienced agent is probably also a very busy one. To get the benefit of working with an experienced agent, you may have to "share" your agent with others. This does not mean your needs are not importyant, but it may mean that your agent is dealing with an emergency with another client and can't call you back until later.

I want all of my clients to feel like they are my only client, but I also need them to know that they are not. If you work with me based on my experience and track record, please understand that I probably have several transactions going at once. I will do my best for you, and if it is an emergency you will come first, but if there are other more pressing matters you may have to wait a few hours for a return phone call. There are agents out there who may be able to give you 100% of their time, but I think in those situations consumers need to ask why they are able to do that... Is it because they are brand new and inexperienced? Is it because they do not have a good reputation in the market? Is it because all of their clients have fired them? Is it because they have been on a month long vacation and therefore know nothing of current inventory?

In a nutshell, with experience comes an occasional need to compromise. If I don't call you back because I am on the phone with another client until after 10pm (which is later than I am usually up anyway!), rest assured you will be first on my list to call in the morning!

Friday, March 4, 2011

One Level Living in Clemmons... Ooh La La!!

Lisa and I have just listed a wonderful home in Asbury Place in Clemmons. I have written about Asbury Place before and what a great neighborhood it is with its neighborhood activities, community pool, etc. I know several folks who have sold their homes only to purchase in Asbury Place again... it just has that quaint, safe, hometown feel to it. So, it's a given that it's a great neighborhood... let's now talk about this new listing...

4470 Gatkin Knoll Ct is a stunning 4 bedroom home with extras galore. It is one level with a fabulous full finished basement. The main level features a living room, kitchen, breakfast area, formal dining room, 3 bedrooms, 2.1 baths, and a nice laundry room. The lower level is ideal for an in law suite with a playroom, den, bedroom, and nice full bath -- it even has a wet bar! Access is easy to both levels as well... there is a main level 2 car garage AND a lower level one car garage -- each with its own driveway. The back yard is private (full foliage in spring, summer, and fall!) and serene with a babbling brook and can be enjoyed from either the large deck or oversized patio with natural gas firepit. This home was made for entertaining!

Practical considerations abound as well. The sellers wisely updated the home throughout with granite and tile in the kitchen, beautiful hardwoods in the main living areas, and a "bonus" area over the garage that would make a great home office. There is a HUGE walk-in attic, and the master bath has a jetted tub that is actually big enough to lounge in (that is pretty novel these days!). Combine all of these features with its location on a cul-de-sac street, and you have a fantastic home that is ideal for anyone from empty nesters to young families. Contact me today to set up your own private showing!

Visit this home by clicking here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mortgage Assistance Programs NOT All That

Only 1 in 4 Got Mortgage Relief
Just one in four of the 2.7 million homeowners who sought to participate in the Obama administration's signature mortgage assistance program have succeeded in getting their monthly payments reduced, according to an analysis by the Wall Street Journal.

Info taken from NC Realtor report 3.2.11

Friday, February 25, 2011

Is Your Agent a Listing "Specialist"?

I have seen several ads lately emphasizing that this agent or that agent is a listing "specialist". While I agree it is important for your agent to have expertience listing properties, especially in a market like we are facing, I can't help but think a listing "specialist" is missing a key ingredient. If you don't regularly have buyers in your car, on the phone, texting you, etc. can you REALLY, as an agent, have a true understanding of what is important to today's buyer? How will you know that a QR code on a property flyer is a really good thing unless you see firsthand your own buyers utilizing this tool? With all the tools we have available today to advertise our listings, I need to interact with buyers regularly so that I can see what is most relevant to them, and therefore most likely to get your home shown. Just a thought...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thank You Thank You Thank You!

I just found out this morning that I was named the Triad Moms on Main "Mom's Choice Awards Favorite Real Estate Agent" -- thank you thank you thank you! Being a mom has certainly enhanced my understanding of the motivations and anxieties attached with buying or selling a home. I am humbled and blessed to have been placed by God in a career that I love so much AND that allows me to be the mom I want to be. I look forward to working with you in the future!

A list of all the winners can be seen by clicking here!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is It Time to Call Chicken Little??

Those of you who know the popular childhood story about Chicken Little know that panic sets in because "the sky is falling!" Now, in our case, the sky isn't falling, but prices on some of my wonderful listings definitely are! Just this morning I entered THREE price reductions!

3400 Brookland -- brick ranch on huge lot in Clemmons -- now just $99,900
3005 Ashton -- pristine dollhouse in Yadkinville -- now just $149,900
3940 Chilton -- brick ranch on full basement in Winston-Salem -- now just $179,900

To see any of these wonderful homes, call, email, text, or tweet me today!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Don't Wait til Spring...

Popular wisdom is that "spring" market is the time to list, so many potential sellers are waiting until that time to put their homes on the market. As the pointed out, though, there are 5 VERY compelling reasons to get moving NOW!

1. Interest rates are on the rise. As rates increase, buyers have less purchasing power. This will eventually eat away at prices.
2. Your dream home has never been cheaper. PRICE is not the issue here, but COST. With low interest rates, you can get more home for the same payment you have now on the buying end.
3. Buyers are out early. Real estate publications are talking this up, and Lisa and I are seeing this every day. Many agents I know are busy busy busy!
4. Inventory will increase in spring. In Feb 2010, there were 3.5 million homes on the market; in March 2010, 3.6 million; and in April 2010, there were 4 million. This is a year over year trend.
5. We are currently in the calmest part of the foreclosure storm we will be in for a while. As more and more come on the market, prices will be driven down.

Tweet, Facebook, email, text, or call me TODAY!

Great Clemmons Home for $199,900!

I am participating in a Broker Open Caravan today at a GREAT home in one of Clemmons' most popular neighborhoods, Springfield Village. Lunch will be served, there will be 2 gift card drawings, and it will conclude with dessert at home #4. Mine is 3rd on the itinerary, and I hope other agents see what a great value it is. With so many homes on the market right now, we as agents are really having to make ours stand out to get noticed... it isn't "if you feed them, they will come" (though it helps!), but rather that the saturated market really makes it impossible for even the most informed agents to be aware of all the possibilities for their buyers. 1745 Springfield Village is an immaculate 3BR home on a cul de sac with a finished lower level playroom. It has a large back yard and it truly move in ready TODAY. We had a public open house Sunday with great turnout, so I would encourage my fellow agents to come out!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Word to the Wise

WOW... what a difference a price reduction makes! One of my Clemmons listings that has, quite frankly, been sitting pretty stale for a while has recently gotten a ton of activity. It is a 3rd party relocation listing, and I have been preaching for a while that it needed a significant reduction. The seller, an out of state relocation company, was understandably hesitant, but after looking at carrying costs and unsold competition, they decided to reduce last Friday. Well, I have already had one offer come in, and there are TWO MORE on the way today! So, a listing that had been sitting, with little to no activity, now has 3 potential offers on it and may very well sell for higher than the current list price! I think there is a lesson here...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Gotta Love Technology!

I am sequestered in the bedroom with strep throat... leaving my sweet husband to fend for himself with a starving baby and a precocious toddler... I have giggled so many times in the last couple of hours! Anyway, even though I am quarantined, I have been able to be quite productive thanks to modern technology. I admit, now that the meds have kicked in, I have been more productive than I was, say, yesterday, when it hurt to even breathe, but I digress! Thanks to my laptop, wireless internet, iPhone, websites like ping, etc., I have successfully updated my blog, facebook, and twitter pages, uploaded photos for 3 listings, updated listing info for 6 listings, scheduled 2 open houses, sent a revised offer to purchase to a cooperating broker, consulted with a client on his comfort level regarding an offer he made a few days ago, advised a client on an inspection issue, etc. (and this is all in the last 90 minutes!). And that doesn't even include what my partner, Lisa Gifford, has been doing today! And now, I am off to do a CMA...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sorry Matt, but You're Wrong This Time!

I love watching The Today show on Mondays -- not only to get my Matt Lauer fix for the week but also because of the real estate segment they regularly run. I am usually pleasantly surprised by the advice given and agree that it is spot on... but not today! Today's segment on "5 Sure Ways to Sell Your Home in a Down Market" featured some great tips, but I adamantly disagree with the very first one. The real estate expert (her name escapes me at the moment, but like I said, I usually agree with her) said above all else to wait until after Super Bowl Sunday to list. Her reasoning was that no one is looking right now.
I disagree for SEVERAL reasons.
FIRST, interest rates are rising overall. A buyer can afford more home for the same payment now that he can afford if the interest rate goes up.
SECOND, people looking now are serious. You may not have as many showings as you would in the Spring, but the folks looking will mean business.
THIRD, most people will wait to list -- if you go ahead now, you have a leg up in that you aren't lost in the shuffle.
FOURTH, listing now gives you the opportunity to work out the kinks before the busy season starts. Perhaps you have an alarm... listing now and having a showing or 2 will give you the chance to have the showing instructions honed before the busy season.
FIFTH, the longer you wait, the more your price will be affected by shadow inventory. There are fewer foreclosures on the market now affecting your price than there will be in a month or two.

To speak to me about the pros and cons of listing now, just call 336-714-9444 or click. Have a great Monday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Renting v. Buying... Which Makes More Sense?

There is another great post today on that compares the costs of renting to the costs of buying. Several good points are made, among them that rents continue to increase. More importantly, though, is the argument concerning interest rates. Rates, while rising somewhat over the last month, are still historically low... so chances are good that the monthly mortgage payment you are able to negotiate now is the lowest it will be in your lifetime.
Even in markets where rent is cheaper than a mortgage, the future potential of rent increases is far more dramatic than a mortgage increase, which won't happen if you have a fixed rate loan. Specifically, "apartment dwellers could be facing double-digit rent increases in the coming years as a shortage of new multifamily units coupled with a rise in prime renter-age households gives landlords clout they haven’t see since the mid-1990s." With a fixed rate loan, you are much more certain of your future obligations. Why take this gamble?

Friday, January 14, 2011

One of a Kind

Imagine low horizontal lines... open interior spaces... the finest appointments... sounds interesting, doesn't it? Well, welcome to 125 Asbury Place Court. If you are familiar with Asbury Place, you know it is one of Clemmons' most popular neighborhoods with its community pool, proximity to Tanglewood, and convenient location. What you may not realize, however, is that it is also home to one of the most, if not THE most, unique homes in Clemmons. While popular in other parts of the country, this custom built mid-century prairie style home is truly one of a kind in our neck of the woods. Visit for a picture tour, but these don't do it justice. If you long for something a little different... modern... contemporary... contact me for a private showing. You won't be sorry!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A "Flurry" of Activity

If you are like me, you are working from home (or not working at all) today thanks to the snow and ice storm... not a bad thing to sit in your pjs and work away :-). We had snow, ice, and sleet yesterday and last night, but that is not the only kind of "flurry" happening around here...

BUYERS ARE LOOKING. Just in the past 2 weeks my partner and I have been amazed at the number of buyers, previously lying low, who have expressed an interest in finding a home and finding one quickly. Other agents in our office have said the same thing, so that tells me it is time to act. Sellers, you MUST be not just competitive but compelling. You must be staged and ready to show. You must be flexible with few showing restrictions. Talk to your agent today about where you need to be as far as pricing goes. Remember, the longer you wait the more you will be affected by increased short sales and foreclosures. A $1200/month payment quickly adds up, so reduce now and get the burden off your shoulders.

Call me TODAY to discuss!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Changes in the Offer to Purchase!

1/1/11 brings many changes to many people in many ways, but in MY business, it brings GOOD change! The standard NC Offer to Purchase has drastically changed, and in my opinion, it's for the better. The following is from Tom Gongaware on At Home in the Carolinas, the Allen Tate Company blog.

"The biggest change facing Buyers, Sellers, and REALTORS® in North Carolina is the form’s introduction of the Buyer’s “Due Diligence” process. During a negotiated due diligence period, the Buyer must complete all of the inspections, surveys, and appraisals typically performed by a diligent Buyer. In addition, the Buyer needs to be satisfied with the documents governing the home, the availability and affordability of insurance for the home, and their own ability to be approved for a mortgage. Should the Buyer not be happy with the investigations…or if they simply change their mind about completing the purchase…the Buyer will be able to unilaterally terminate the contract and be entitled to a return of their earnest money deposit, assuming notice of termination is delivered to the Seller prior to the expiration of the due diligence period. After that expiration date, the Buyer loses their ability to terminate the contract and receive a refund of the earnest money deposit (except in the case of a Seller’s breach) and the power of the contract shifts to the Seller.

The new Offer to Purchase and Contract allows for a negotiated, non-refundable fee to be paid by the Buyer directly to the Seller in exchange for the amount of time associated with the due diligence period. While the “due diligence fee” is not a requirement of the Offer to Purchase and Contract, it will serve as further evidence of the Buyer’s sincerity in pursuing the property. The “due diligence fee” is not refundable to the Buyer except in the case of the Seller’s breach. The fee will serve as a credit to the Buyer should they complete the purchase."

Monday, January 3, 2011

Professional or Pretender?

A pretender worries about your feelings and places great emphasis on whether or not you will like them. A professional worries about your family and how they can help. A pretender will tell you what you want to hear. A professional will tell you everything you need to know.
WOW -- this is from the latest Steve Harney post. Sellers, always remeber there are some agents out there who will buy your listing at any cost to get their sign in the yard. The professional agent will give you a true value, no matter how much skepticism it may create. Soo the KCMBlog for more!