Friday, February 25, 2011

Is Your Agent a Listing "Specialist"?

I have seen several ads lately emphasizing that this agent or that agent is a listing "specialist". While I agree it is important for your agent to have expertience listing properties, especially in a market like we are facing, I can't help but think a listing "specialist" is missing a key ingredient. If you don't regularly have buyers in your car, on the phone, texting you, etc. can you REALLY, as an agent, have a true understanding of what is important to today's buyer? How will you know that a QR code on a property flyer is a really good thing unless you see firsthand your own buyers utilizing this tool? With all the tools we have available today to advertise our listings, I need to interact with buyers regularly so that I can see what is most relevant to them, and therefore most likely to get your home shown. Just a thought...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thank You Thank You Thank You!

I just found out this morning that I was named the Triad Moms on Main "Mom's Choice Awards Favorite Real Estate Agent" -- thank you thank you thank you! Being a mom has certainly enhanced my understanding of the motivations and anxieties attached with buying or selling a home. I am humbled and blessed to have been placed by God in a career that I love so much AND that allows me to be the mom I want to be. I look forward to working with you in the future!

A list of all the winners can be seen by clicking here!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is It Time to Call Chicken Little??

Those of you who know the popular childhood story about Chicken Little know that panic sets in because "the sky is falling!" Now, in our case, the sky isn't falling, but prices on some of my wonderful listings definitely are! Just this morning I entered THREE price reductions!

3400 Brookland -- brick ranch on huge lot in Clemmons -- now just $99,900
3005 Ashton -- pristine dollhouse in Yadkinville -- now just $149,900
3940 Chilton -- brick ranch on full basement in Winston-Salem -- now just $179,900

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Don't Wait til Spring...

Popular wisdom is that "spring" market is the time to list, so many potential sellers are waiting until that time to put their homes on the market. As the pointed out, though, there are 5 VERY compelling reasons to get moving NOW!

1. Interest rates are on the rise. As rates increase, buyers have less purchasing power. This will eventually eat away at prices.
2. Your dream home has never been cheaper. PRICE is not the issue here, but COST. With low interest rates, you can get more home for the same payment you have now on the buying end.
3. Buyers are out early. Real estate publications are talking this up, and Lisa and I are seeing this every day. Many agents I know are busy busy busy!
4. Inventory will increase in spring. In Feb 2010, there were 3.5 million homes on the market; in March 2010, 3.6 million; and in April 2010, there were 4 million. This is a year over year trend.
5. We are currently in the calmest part of the foreclosure storm we will be in for a while. As more and more come on the market, prices will be driven down.

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Great Clemmons Home for $199,900!

I am participating in a Broker Open Caravan today at a GREAT home in one of Clemmons' most popular neighborhoods, Springfield Village. Lunch will be served, there will be 2 gift card drawings, and it will conclude with dessert at home #4. Mine is 3rd on the itinerary, and I hope other agents see what a great value it is. With so many homes on the market right now, we as agents are really having to make ours stand out to get noticed... it isn't "if you feed them, they will come" (though it helps!), but rather that the saturated market really makes it impossible for even the most informed agents to be aware of all the possibilities for their buyers. 1745 Springfield Village is an immaculate 3BR home on a cul de sac with a finished lower level playroom. It has a large back yard and it truly move in ready TODAY. We had a public open house Sunday with great turnout, so I would encourage my fellow agents to come out!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Word to the Wise

WOW... what a difference a price reduction makes! One of my Clemmons listings that has, quite frankly, been sitting pretty stale for a while has recently gotten a ton of activity. It is a 3rd party relocation listing, and I have been preaching for a while that it needed a significant reduction. The seller, an out of state relocation company, was understandably hesitant, but after looking at carrying costs and unsold competition, they decided to reduce last Friday. Well, I have already had one offer come in, and there are TWO MORE on the way today! So, a listing that had been sitting, with little to no activity, now has 3 potential offers on it and may very well sell for higher than the current list price! I think there is a lesson here...