Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Zillow Swillow...

I came across a funny meme yesterday that had the artist guy... I can't remember his name... the one that painted on the easel and would paint "pretty birds" in places where he smudged?  Anyway, the meme showed him in front of a blank canvas and said "Hey Look -- it's a collage of all the homes Zillow accurately valuated."  SO TRUE.  You can see it here.

Zillow is a necessary evil in our industry.  We can't beat it, so we have to come up with ways to use it to our advantage.  Therefore, The Shore Team has purchased enhanced features on Zillow that allow us as agents to upload multiple photos (more than the default), edit property details (to an extent), etc.  However. just because we have learned to capitalize on this website does NOT mean we endorse everything it says!  Zestimates are rarely, if ever, correct evaluations of your property's value.  Trust me on this!  Algorithms are used to determine value based on square footage, tax info, etc., but they are not market specific.  Market specificity is crucial to properly preparing your home for the market or for properly setting your expectations as a buyer.  Please contact your trusted Realtor advisor for these things, and take Zillow with a grain of salt.