Wednesday, July 31, 2013

MUCH potential in this soacious Bermuda Run Country Club villa located on the 9th fairway!

Great opportunity to purchase and update to your personal taste - priced WAY below tax value! For more information and photos of this home, click here!

165 Fairway Dr.
Advance, NC  27006

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Darling home at end of dead end street in quiet Clemmons neighborhood!

This home offers lots of charm and expansion potential! For more information and photos, click here!

6435 Rustinburg Rd.
Clemmons, NC  27012

LEAP Realty Joins Tate!

I am very excited about a new addition to our Allen Tate office here in Winston-Salem.  LEAP Realty has joined us, and while we often have agents from other companies come aboard, this one is particularly exciting to me. 

Let me say first -- I am not a stereotypical tree hugger!  I typically vote Republican, have been known to throw an apple core out the window (but only if in the passenger side of the car so as not to lure animals -- whom I WILL brake for -- out into the road), and I don't keep peanut butter canisters for recycling at home because they are just nasty no matter how many times you wash them.  But, I do try to do little things -- I don't throw my batteries in the trash, I will carry a plastic water bottle in my bag for 2 days just so I don't have to throw it in a trash receptacle, and my kids used cloth diapers (at least until crawling!).  Part of that is because of where I live, which is extremely rural.  We don't have trash pick-up -- we can't even PAY for it, so we take our trash to the good old county dump.  After doing that the first few times, I was just grossed out by all I saw, so I decided that I at least, would do a few small things to decrease my family's contribution to all that odor, unsightliness, and waste.  Thus began the education on cloth diapers, newspaper recycling, and glass jar use.

So, back to LEAP Realty.  According to their company website, they are "a green-minded real estate firm answering the need of buyers and sellers looking for better options in real estate.  Our main focus is to enhance the lives of our clients through better homes and better living." I realize not everyone cares at this point about the type of insulation used in their homes from an environmental perspective, but I DO think we have a duty to care for our wonderful surroundings to the best of our abilities.  I don't worship Mother Nature or Father Time, but my Heavenly Father has provided me and my family with a wonderful spot on Earth to call home, so I would like to show my appreciation by caring for it.

Geez... this is getting all philosophical, huh?  In a nutshell, I am excited to see what changes will be taking place in our office, if nothing else so that I don't have to carry my water bottles around for 2 days!  It will please me greatly to see a recycling effort here for all of our superfluous paper and drink cans.  And yes, for you skeptics, when it's possible I don't use a plastic bottle at all... but there is only so much reusing a germaphobe can do!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Market Trends Videos

Once again, Allen Tate has outdone itself by offering consumers another phenomenal tool to educate and prepare them for the local real estate market.  Click here to go to a 60 second snapshot video highlighting local trends for your specific area.  I just posted the one for Winston-Salem on my Facebook page Amanda K. Shore Broker/Realtor.  While you are at it, please follow this blog and "like" my page for sometimes helpful... always random... and usually entertaining tidbits!

Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm A Believer!!!

Ok, everyone knows the adage that an open house is good for agents but doesn't do anything for a seller.  We would often tell our sellers that while we were happy to have one, it really did more for OUR business as a prospecting tool than for the actual sale of their home.  Well, lightning has struck!

In the last 3 days we have had two of our wonderful listings go under contract, and the buyers of both first saw the home at an open house.  They later returned with their own agent, but I have to wonder if they would have gone out of their way to schedule a second showing if they hadn't been able to slip easily in and out on a Sunday afternoon. 

So, lightning may not strike every time, but when it does, it's powerful!