Thursday, May 26, 2011

How Cool is That??

Allen Tate now has a dedicated channel on YouTube... how cool is that? This is just yet another way Tate is superior. As a consumer, this matters to you because it shows that Tate is on the pulse of what consumers want! Do you want to be represented by someone doing the same ole same ole... or someone who pays attention and knows how folks are searching for properties? The choice should be crystal clear! Visit TODAY!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Do Your Research!

I was googling Warren's Gate today to see what would come up, and I decided to go a step further and google "Clemmons real estate" and "Clemmons Realtors." I was VERY surprised by what I found. One of the first sites that came up was I am not knocking at all, as I have been using it for very effective marketing for a couple of years. But what surprised me was that under the supposed "Clemmons specialists", I didn't recognize half the names! I don't claim to personally know every agent that works that area, but I can say with confidence, as long as I have been working in Clemmons, that if I haven't at least heard your name, you haven't been around long. If you havent been actively engaged in selling real estate in a certain area for long, how can you be an expert? My point in writing this is just to warn consumers when choosing an agent. Just because an agent markets himself or herself as a neighborhood expert or city expert or expert for a certain niche, that doesn't make it so. Sit them down and ask them to show you a resume, explain their ties to that particular market, provide examples of homes they have marketed there, etc. The internet is wonderful, but it just isn't regulated. I could call myself an expert on blue Italian frogs, but that doesn't make it so.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Warren's Gate for Active Adults

Lisa and I have just taken over as the marketing team for Warren's Gate, Clemmons' only TRULY maintenance free community. It is located conveniently on Hwy 158 near Tanglewood Park, I-40, and the heart of Clemmons. There will be a total of 34 twinhomes priced from the low 200s. Numerous floor plans are available, and if you take the time to compare you will see that the most basic standards for D. Stone Builders exceeds the highest standards of most! The model is manned by a member of our agent team M, Th, & Fri from 1-6, Sat from 12-5, and Sun 1-5. You may also make an appointment to view them at any other time. Four are currently available (ranging from $219,000-319,000), but you may customize your plan and customize your price on any of the remaining 28 lots. Click here for a sneak peek!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Bigger Picture

I am closing a home today with a sweet young family with a sweet dream... they have 3 children and currently live in a 3 bedroom home, but their heart's desire is to get something bigger. They don't want it for prestige, or appearance, or stature... no, they want to foster children, and a bigger home will make that possible. It's nothing fancy, though it is beautiful. It's an older home with 5 bedrooms on the main strip in Boonville, and it has an extra lot with it. The first time we saw it the husband jokingly said "oh man thats a good place for a shop", but then his wife said "oh no, I see children running and playing." What a selfless dream! And the fact that homeownership plays such a huge part of it brings such peace. I am so thankful to have been placed in a careeer by God that really CAN change people's lives!