Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Time to Rest?

Many agents seem to go into hibernation mode on October 1.  Like everyone else, it is hard to not get swept up in the excitement of festivals, changing leaves, spiced cider, and bean soup in the crock pot.  But, I learned a few years back (and not as soon as I would have liked!), that October is really just the beginning of a new year. 


You see, the things we do now as agents set the table for January and February.  Prospecting, listing preparation, to do lists... all of these things may not seem important now, but come the "lean" months, you will be glad you didn't push them to the side!

The same advice goes for home sellers.  Many folks see this as a time of year to go off the market, take a break, focus on holidays... all while thinking they will gear back up come Spring.  But, things you do now, as far as maintenance, upgrades, etc., can really lay the groundwork for that not so far off "Spring market".  Think of what happens in your neighborhood as flowers bloom and birds sing -- people begin remodeling, landscaping, etc.  But, if you work on those things now, you can probably get jobs done more efficiently (and cheaper) simply because the demand for such tasks isn't as high as it will be in March or April.  Go ahead and have a pre-marketing home inspection done NOW -- then you will have plenty of time to address items that need to be addressed and can make a more practical, informed decision about what not to do and what not to do.  Begin looking at paint samples and flooring options... so that you don't feel rushed by some big sale the week before you list and end up getting the wrong thing.

The bottom line is this -- patience is a virtue, but diligence is even more so.  The Lord blesses those who work and prepare and help themselves, so while others are living it up eating candy apples in their slippers by the fire, you can be getting a head start on what is forecasted to be a VERY busy 2014!

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